Golden, Invermere, and the Mighty Kicking Horse

After coming across a 4 day break from camp we packed up the car and headed out on the road…. this time, to an area closer to home (for me personally, as a BC native) and a bit more thrilling for the rest of my friends…. Golden, BC!

I’ve only ever driven through the area in the summer, while staying in Golden in the winter to ski there. However, there was much more in Golden and the surrounding area then I could have hoped for during our journey.

First: the drive. Coming from north of Edmonton, we eventually merged onto the Icefields Parkway. However, until then, we came across some beautiful scenery.  (Also, shout out again to my friend Nathan for some of these snaps)11825229_10155928322850338_3886132279264976259_n 11813455_10155923864260338_4497980811095183288_n 11755276_10153440697237158_7174509322344557443_nWe found a pretty cool campground in Yoho National Park, the nearest national park to Golden, BC and the Kicking Horse River.

11866230_10155954636885338_7021429848080983222_n 11217540_10155928349090338_9072139729648939669_nWe had one taste of whitewater rafting this summer already (from Jasper a while back, while some of our party had gone AGAIN around Shuswap, BC during the camp break when I was with my mom). We were eager for more, and had heard word on the street that the Kicking Horse River’s was the best in Canada. We went with Alpine Rafting Tours and went on the Ultimate Rafting trip, and were very satisfied with our experience. Our guide, Jesper (he was Danish), was not only hilarious but extremely knowledgeable. He had just finished a term of rafting in Argentina, preceding a career rafting in Uganda. His next move will be to New Zealand!

11695990_10155858830880338_822183292215765903_n 11234967_10153440697612158_3865253317818633382_nOne of the highlights of the rafting trip was definitely the opportunity to swim a class 3 rapid, while terrifying, it was an absolutely exhilarating experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 5 stars to Alpine Rafting Tours!

As a bonus, the centre is right outside the Golden tourist information centre. Needless to say, we had a little photoshoot in the surrounding area following our day of rafting and afternoon snack.

11836689_10155928348815338_7547881588321677689_n 11825173_10155954636445338_841103964979013765_n 11227632_10155928357740338_2981474617679939485_n

After a strenuously fun day of white water rafting, we took it to the foothills of Takakkaw Falls, where we explored the giant waterfall among the surrounding mist… there’s me, trying to climb that giant rock!


And here’s the work of nathan, hard at work being our own personal photographer…. 11828615_10155954638510338_8799380573554502565_n


The quirkiest part about the falls were these little chairs that were placed within viewing distance of the falls. Given how adorable it was, we were all over it.

11781869_10153440697922158_2249919141864242875_n 11870796_10155954637415338_2337671468735174929_n

Since the day was a bit rainy, we witnessed a couple of rainbows on the drive back to the campsite, and of course we had to stop to capture the moment with a couple snaps.

11796271_10153440697762158_477588292145921751_n 11796195_10153440697827158_5964612280383901665_n 11232225_10155954639055338_8648793946646510295_nThe next day, we packed up our swimsuits and some snacks, and made the two hour trek to Invermere. We paid a visit to Kicking Horse Coffee, which boasts some of the most delicious cups of coffee in the Rocky Mountains (it was a little strong for me, but if you like a good dark roast, this is the place). After our daily bread, we headed more into the wilderness to Twin Lakes – an area of Invermere so secluded, I couldn’t even find an appropriate web domain to link to (if you’re finding it yourself, you’ll just have to ask a local, or a cliff-jumping veteran in the area).

That’s right: we went to cliff jump! As beginners, we didn’t get very high, and since it was a Saturday we had about 20 or so bros knocking back some beers and cheering us on. One of the coolest elements of this swimming hole was the giant swing rope they had attached to a tree, leading to a 20 or so foot drop into the crystal clear blue waters below. Jump at your own risk, the water was ICY!!!!

11870658_10155954639795338_5110024128805794522_n 11745588_10153440701982158_6750717873317876841_nFollowing the arguably most exhilarating part of our trip, we kicked it back at Kinsmen Beach and had some laughs in the warm lake water. Watch your feet, though, water shoes are definitely recommended (the grassy area just beyond the rocks is awesome for tanning and picnics, with lots of shade).

This is an amazing area of BC that is definitely worth exploring if you’re in the area. Even if you’re feeling too faint of heart from cliff jumping or white water rafting, the various sightseeing options have something for everyone.


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