Jasper, Alberta: Part Two

Jasper has that rich charm you just can’t resist if the opportunity presents itself……

Once again, in late August, we found ourselves in the Whistlers Campground of Jasper National Park. The weather wasn’t fantastic but it also wasn’t terrible, which was a blessing that quickly went from bad to worse as the weekend went on.

As usual, while not as nice out as our previous visit, the drive in is nothing short of scenic. If you’re arriving through the park from Highway 16 (From Hinton/Edson/Edmonton), the inevitable 45 minute or so drive from park entrance to town can be enchanting. There’s a lovely shallow lake to stop at on the way in, too, that is a great photo op.

11923562_10153526441522158_8420709915035237224_n 11921666_10153526441647158_2395414344824806909_nThe sister lakes beckoned to us next. After having such a magical experience at Lake Annette during our last visit, we also decided to visit Lake Edith.


Edith was very nice, however, there was no sandy beach area leading to the pristine blue-green waters. Instead, we opted to go back to Annette, where the sun often peeked through the clouds for bursts of sunshine….

11215189_10153526441317158_1668297260400882133_nThe one thing I’m obsessed with about Jasper is that every trip is a wildlife experience like no other. You can’t go very far without seeing an animal on the side of the road, on a hike, or in the campground, and in the campground’s case, elk were particularly abundant this year. We watched as two elk strolled through the campground as if they owned the place!

11951296_10153526441367158_3204351099475308865_n 10422411_10153526441337158_3071037020192429762_nDuring the second day of our trip, we embarked, once again, on the Sulphur Skyline hike. It’s really something else – the tradeoff of not-too-difficult incline with the most breathtaking views in Jasper makes for a recipe for incredible hike. We had quite a fun photoshoot at the top, too (with not only my friends, but my X-ring)………

11216583_10153526441422158_3137203653980619970_n 11169411_10153526441467158_6560845257956954121_n 11033976_10153526441727158_4429148166318728899_n 11953173_10153526441837158_4739469818856818883_nWe even bumped into the mountain goats, who we saw at the parking lot last time, chilling near the very top of the mountain! 11947446_10153526441787158_5978300069112551204_nAnd again, we were treated to a beautiful ride back into the town of Jasper…..

11986585_10153526441397158_1275051938442057690_nThe beauty never ends. I will for sure be visiting Jasper the next time I get the chance, or maybe even in the winter time when it’s time to ski. Who knows what beauty there is to discover under a blanket of snow and ice?


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