Mount Snowdon

On my second last day in Wales, we finally took to Mount Snowdon to get the majestic view that everyone had been raving about for 9 months prior. We set off in a cab to the mountain’s base, in the quaint town of Snowdonia. We set off on the Llanberis path, which closely follows the tourist train up the mountain for the first half of path or so. Lots of sheep, green grass, and mild slopes led to steeper inclines as we ascended the mountain.

10311770_733468960038603_1674782321944695867_n 10260035_733468836705282_7905729245866521000_n 1907648_733468756705290_785381286612284922_n 1005758_733468796705286_8240003743430620149_n 10372631_750015401717292_8032049369193048522_n  10341491_750015561717276_7478493843699850296_n 10339619_733468833371949_4021530248007404814_n 10410446_750015408383958_9204977192361042188_nNear the top, the path united with the train tracks again, and Emily managed to get some shots of me with some train action going on in the background.

10453447_750015651717267_8922398343051359134_n 10348530_750015611717271_3691111878421065936_nGetting to the top was nothing short of extraordinary. We were so lucky to get one of Wales’ more clear days, and with that our horizons extended as far as being able to see Ireland (from a very, very, VERY far distance). Of course, we ran into some sheep friends at the top as well, which were adorable and fluffy as usual.

10347801_750016075050558_2323598298639780943_n 10450526_750016118383887_8191534049685197087_n 10447852_10152454328627158_8539150576756281129_n 10394579_750015441717288_1318362322680687421_n 10348530_750015611717271_3691111878421065936_n 10313702_750015871717245_7570054385892644451_n 10313676_750015821717250_3188683421522913362_n 10274045_750015775050588_1790319599560150094_n 1385210_750016051717227_8161616876538598858_n

On my hiking meter, on a scale of walk in the park to Mount Everest, I would give it about a 6/10 in difficulty. The incline of the slope we climbed varied with our location on the mountain, and the views definitely made the hike considerably easier than it would have been otherwise. Make sure your whole body is working before you hike, though! Emily was recovering from a recent ankle sprain during a cobblestone mixup in Scotland and struggled at some of the steeper parts of the climb.

It took us about 2.5 hours to get up, and 1 to get down, just in time for the last bus of the day….. at 4:20 p.m. (Tourists traveling by transit….. TAKE NOTE)!

If you want to experience North Wales and all it’s glory, Mount Snowdon is the hike for you. I know I’ll be back once I return to Wales.

Note: this post is a recapture from when I studied abroad for the year during 2013-2014. It was rewritten to enhance the included media and writing quality for this blog. The original post can be found here.



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