Koh Pha Ngan 

The last couple days have been a breeze! After spending a lovely day on Koh Samui, I ventured to Koh Pha Ngan, home of the Full Moon Party. I arrived on Wednesday and spent the day walking around Haad Rin, as well as spending time at the beach and a pool I had access to through my hostel. I stayed at Sleep Tight Hostel which was expensive and had a 3 night minimum booking requirement on hostelworld – I found out later that booking.com doesn’t have these requirements so keep that in mind when coming for Full Moon! I spent that night hanging out with 2 friends I made on Koh Samui from Saskatchewan – I am meeting more Canadians in Thailand than in Canada. 

The next day, I met up with a friend I made in Bangkok and ventured to Ko Ma beach to snorkel with 9 other people! We took the back of a pick up truck taxi- the beach was phenomenal. Amazing snorkelling once you got about 30m out – it looked like something out of the little mermaid! 

After the beach, we headed up to 360 bar to watch the sunset. Because there were 10 of us we haggled so we only had to pay 50 baht to get in (as opposed to 100 baht) and it was fantastic. If you’re in the area you need to check it out, there were views for days!!!! 

It was an amazing day but also Full Moon party night, which meant the night hadn’t even started. If you want to have an unreal experience and hang out on a beach with 10000 people, this party is for you. It really is something else! The crowd was definitely 70% Canadian, with a 30:70 female to male ratio. You couldn’t walk down the beach without making a new friend! There were fire jump ropes, a fire limbo, and a giant slide, one of which I partook in (no fire, don’t worry mom). And of course, buckets and street food galore. The classic bucket is made up of Thai whiskey, coke, and Thai red bull. One of the fun traditions for Full Moon is body painting- the 2 girls I hung out with all night who got into the painting. 

All in all, amazing time on Koh Pha Ngan! I left earlier than planned (a day early) to get out of the mess of a Haad Rin. I am on Koh Tao now! 


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