Koh Tao

I ended up ditching my hostel in Koh Pha Ngan a day early and BOY am I glad I did. 2 of my friends I met from Saskatchewan were heading out to Koh Tao so I figured the ferry ride would be better with company. I was told to book a ferry with Lomprayah and I regret not doing so – the company we took was late and took FOREVER. We were supposed to have a 12:30 ferry and arrive at 2, but it was more like a 1:30 ferry that arrived at 4. The baggage handling on the ferry was interesting – everyone just piled their backpacks into a big pile (keep in mind there were probably 300 people on this boat or more). We scooted up to the sun deck initially but once the boat started moving it was going to slow that we weren’t getting a breeze and roasting instead. We opted to go down to one of the semi-shaded balconies and lie on the floor instead, to where we fell asleep and all got minor sunburns. Throughout the boat ride the horns would go off and it was a bit concerning, it sounded like we were in some sort of emergency but we made it with no problems so I have no idea what they meant. 

Unloading the ferry was probably the least efficient and most frustrating experience ever. Remember the giant luggage pile from before? Yup, came back to bite everyone. Luckily our bags were at the top but there was only 1 ramp to unload so that was a gong show. My hostel is stayed in the night I got there was in Sairee Beach, which is about a 12 minute walk from the pier. The taxi drivers were harassing us for a ride as we walked through the town and I have to say that is one of the things I don’t like about Thailand – people trying to get you to pay $4 for a ride that is a 10 minute walk. Also, if you visit thailand for the love of god don’t bring a rolling suitcase! This country is NOT built for it, from the ferries to the roads. 

Koh Tao is amazing! The first night I made some friends at my last minute hostel I was staying at and we walked down the beach at night. There were so many fire dancers peppering the beach area.

We also wandered to the main part of Sairee Beach (town area) to grab a snack. I got a banana coconut chocolate Thai pancake! The man running the stand was a funny guy, and made a delicious Thai pancake.  

I’m getting behind on my blog posts because friends I made on the other islands are all conglomeration here and I now have a social life! Not to worry, more coming soon. Tomorrow is day 2 of my Scuba course! 


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