Laem Thian

The day before my scuba course some friends from my hostel and I went on a hiking adventure! I was switching hostels to where my dive course is but I have to say Asia has been more than accommodating with early check in – twice now I have checked into a hostel at 9 am! My 2 friends and I hiked to Laem Thian, a deserted beach on the other side of the island. The hike itself wasn’t bad – seeing as any sort of movement promotes heavy sweating, the constant exercise just felt like an extended hot yoga class. The terrain wasn’t too bad either, as I hiked the entire thing in flip flops. It was mostly uphill to a peak and then downhill all the way to the beach. 

This particular beach is only accessible by boat or hike, so we were the only people there most of the day. On the land is an abandoned resort, which is equal parts cool and terrifying. The snorkelling was absolutely fantastic – we saw reef sharks! I used to not enjoy snorkelling but Thailand has changed me – it’s phenomenal here! I’ll post some underwater pics once I can upload them, but until then I will leave you with some pictures of the beach. 

The funny thing about these islands is that you really can’t hide from anybody. On our way to the hike we ran into my 2 friends I meet in Koh Samui and we told them to come with us! They were tied up with laundry so they said they would meet us there, but after hiking through the bush we figured there would be no way they could find us. 3 hours later they came kayaking into the bay! They had scootered to another point of the island then kayaked to find us. 

The hike back was way easier than the hike up. I had to be back by 5 for some scuba instruction videos. 

Here are some photos from our day: 


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