Last Day in Thailand

Currently sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight to Hanoi. I’m actually meeting up with my friend Makayla and we’ll travel together for the rest of my trip! 

I flew back to Bangkok yesterday – there was no direct way to get from the Thai islands to Vietnam so I figured I may as well have a day layover in the city. This time I stayed near the rail link and was happy I did! Such easy transport from the airport. 

I decided I wanted to spend my day visiting Wat Pho. I was going to uber there but at the last minute I asked the desk person at my hostel how to get there. I was happy I did! She told me to take the boat and walk there, and I took fun boat transport. I feel like I have really exhausted all methods of transportation in Bangkok, haha! 

The boat was neat. It was also only 9 baht (30 cents or so). I was one of the few foreigners on the boat! 

After getting off, I had a 20 minute walk to the temple. It was great, because I got to see a more local area and walk through market places. I think I was in the technology section of town because every stall was selling something in that range. 

Wat Pho itself was beautiful. The main reason I was there was for the Temple of Reclining Buddha, but I enjoyed all of it. The architecture was amazing. 

Last night, I met with up my partners’ cousin and uncle and we had pad Thai for dinner, then went for beers! As we were sitting on Khao San Road, we ended up buying scorpions to try and eat. They did not taste very good. 

Next stop, Vietnam! 


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