Last day in Vietnam

As I write this, I am waiting out a 4ish hour layover in the Shanghai airport. I am on my way home! Yesterday was our last day in Vietnam, and it was a good one. We flew into Ho Chi Minh City on Monday night and had a pretty low-key night; we just had a delicious dinner then hit the hay in our hotel we splashed out for. After dinner, we went to the mall by our hotel and I got a very interesting Vietnamese dessert. It tasted ok:

The next day, we had an early start with a nice breakfast and some last minute sunbathing by the hotel pool. Once lunchtime rolled around, we headed back to the Lunch Lady for a delicious lunch. The food was so good (as usual); this time it was a fish based Pho with fresh and fried spring rolls and these deep friend shrimp things: 

After lunch, we checked out the War Remnants Museum. It was huge, with many pictures and specimens on display regarding the Vietnam war. I want to learn more about the war once I get home. After the museum, we found a Cong coffee shop for one last coconut coffee. The location we went to was so cute! One wall was completely covered in books. And the coconut coffee was gigantic!

Coffee was followed by souvenir shopping. We had a lot of buying to do for friends and family at home, and it consumed the rest of our evening. We did go back to that fun mall food court for dinner as it had awesome food at a great price. I even got a delicious matcha ice cream cone for 20000 dong or about $1.20 Canadian! 

It was a busy but fun last day. Stay tuned as I try to organize my life and put together a master list of Thailand/Vietnam travel tips! 


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