Loving Life in Lima!

We started our adventure in Peru arriving at the Lima airport at 5:50 am (!). Since we were coming off our second layover, as you could imagine we were absolutely exhausted! Thankfully our hostel let us crash on the lobby couches for a few hours so we could catch up on our sleep.

When we finally woke up and had some breakfast, we decided to venture into the city to see the sights. We walked around the neighbourhood of Miraflores which was so interesting and beautiful. We walked the boardwalk near the ocean. It was so beautiful and we were able to sit and enjoy a coffee with the view. There were so many paragliders out on the water! It looks amazing but so scary.

We made some friends in the hostel when we got back and decided to go for dinner and then to a brewery type beer hall with them! The restaurant we went to was absolutely amazing – we had no idea what anything on the menu was but it got really good reviews. I got this dish with lamb and rice and my first Pisco sour of the trip and it was amazing!

Following the amazing dinner, went for some craft beer at this beer hall called “BarBarian” one of our friends ordered the “mystery” beer which ended up being us all getting Viking hats to wear (lol). The beer hall was followed by dancing and we had an amazing time! Our Colombian friend we made was a Latino dance master so he showed our very uncoordinated selves the moves.

Overall, Lima was a blast! An awesome start to the trip with some really fun people. We will be back at the end of our trip, so we have that to look forward to as well!


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