Magical Morning at Machu Picchu

In case you didn’t read my last post, we had quite the adventure getting up to Machu Picchu, but we made it! It was overwhelming beautiful and magical. While we were waiting to get in it was quite cloudy and foggy, but cleared up quite quickly! Originally there was still come cloud cover but we got a few great photos:

The first thing we did upon entrance is hike up to the Sun Gate, the entrance point to Machu Picchu for people finishing the Inca trail. Unfortunately we didn’t have much of a view but definitely got in our workout – it took us about 35 minutes to hike up there and about 20 to hike down!

We started to work our way into the main ruins after that. Near the top is a roped off area where there are llamas everywhere! The rules seem to be that you aren’t supposed to go near them behind the roped area, but they cross the rope on their own will it’s alright to get a closer look. We tried and somewhat succeeded at getting some llama selfies:

By this time, it had finally cleared up, and it was real time for our photoshoot with the world-famous background. It was unfortunate that we had gotten so sweaty from our hike up to the sun gate, but that’s the way life works sometimes! We still managed to get a few shots we were happy with!

We walked through the ruins, and by the time it was 10:15 it was getting really hot out and super busy! It was amazing to walk amongst these thousand-year-old ruins and marvel in the beauty with thousands of other people.

It was definitely a giant check mark off my Bucket List – my issue now is which Wonder of the World am I going to tackle next on my list……..


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