Beach Life in El Paredon

The nice thing about I’ve been particularly enjoying about solo travelling this trip is that you can be flexible with your schedule and accommodate the new friends you make along the way!

We ended up having a group of solo travellers all hang out on the pacific coast of Guatemala in El Paredon for three days – myself, Alex, two friends we met in Flores and then a few more people joined our group as we met them at the hostel!

I took a shuttle from Antigua Saturday morning, and arrived at the hostel around 1pm. Alex and I were so happy to reunite with each other and we had been so organized before meeting up again that we figured out that we could stay in a private room all to ourselves – a pretty good gig for two clean women who like their beauty sleep. We spent the first day relaxing and then the first night at a beach soirée put on by the hostel next door. It was a great night with fun friends and great music!

The second day was interesting as the weather did not turn out how we planned. We spent some of the day swimming until a very intense storm appeared out of nowhere and drove us all into the hostel restaurant. We hung out there for most of the afternoon and it ended up being a great time because everyone staying at the hostel was stuck in one place. That Sunday evening ended up being my 3rd karaoke night of the trip, and I will as go as far to say it was the best karaoke night of my life! Everyone picked good songs and everyone was singing along. Nothing brings a group of international people together like some great music!

Monday was our last full day, and finally a nice one! Alex and I spent most of the day by the beach, and I signed up for a surf lesson to give it a shot. I’ve only surfed a few times in my life, but having someone help me catch the waves and get the board going really made it a fun experience. I had a really nice instructor and while I was surfing one of our hostel friends flew his drone over the ocean, which resulted in some very cool photos.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine and the company of everyone at the hostel. It was really the best time I’ve had on the trip so far, and made me happy to be a solo traveller. As discussed in my last post, it’s not always easy, but when the stars align it’s pretty easy to have the time of your life.

I’m currently at Lake Atitlan with Alex and another hostel friend, Carlie. It’s so beautiful out here and it’s a very relaxing and hippie vibe. Tomorrow Alex and I are heading to the largest market in Central America, then we are switching hostels for a last night at the lake before I meet up with some friends I made in Placencia in Antigua. It’s hard to believe I’m on the last few days of my trip – it is really flying by!


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